Perry & Associates CPAs Internships

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Vision, Mission, & Purpose

The vision of the Perry & Associates CPAs internship program is to be a competitive internship program that is sought after by students while providing reliable and experienced talent for the future of the firm.

The purpose of the Perry & Associates CPAs internship program is to provide students with an opportunity to explore various public accounting services while training, developing and evaluating growing talent for a potential future within the firm.

The mission of the Perry & Associates CPAs internship program is to follow an apprenticeship model to fulfill our purpose and reach our vision to better serve our community.

Management Commitment

The manager responsible for the department’s intern(s) is committed to ensuring the intern’s success and a positive experience throughout the internship. In addition, each intern will be matched with a mentor to help further encourage our internship program success. Interns in our program can expect to have regular interactions with their assigned manager during which they will discuss work assigned and provide feedback on work completed.

Internship Descriptions

Perry & Associates CPAs takes pride in our internship program as it will provide you with real world experience. All work assigned will be for actual clients of our firm. It is important to Perry that we provide leadership that encourages and supports our interns to further their career with our firm. Our deep-rooted dedication to this program has led to multiple full-time positions inside our firm. We acknowledge and respect students’ time and schedule conflicts, which is why we offer flexible part–time schedules. Throughout the year Perry offers internships that focus on multiple areas of public accounting and encourages interns to complete internships in multiple departments. Community engagement is important to Perry, as such, you will be provided with opportunities to be involved in our local community.

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