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Non Profit Tax Filing 2021 | Perry & Associates

Nonprofit Tax Filing for New Charities and Organizations     2020 was a historic year. Economies shut down and many of us changed our lifestyles to help protect loved ones. Perhaps you even decided that this was the year to start that community foundation or nonprofit organization. Now that you’ve set up your website and […]

New Tax Laws for 2020 Filings | Perry & Associates CPAs

    New Tax Laws for 2020 Filings: What You Need to Know   Last year was an uncertain year for everyone as COVID-19 paralyzed the world, including the economy and the pocketbooks of millions of Americans. The government responded with the CARES Act and Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). More recently, the government passed the […]

4 Rewards of an External Financial Audit | Perry And Associates CPAs

Big Rewards for Small Businesses from an External Financial Audit   Yes, it is true that external financial audits are only required for publicly traded companies, but that does not mean that you should skip one for your small business. Below we’ve outlined the ways that we see businesses benefit over and over again from […]

Tax Advisor Near Me – Always Here | Perry And Associates CPAs

Tax Advisor Near Me in Ohio and West Virginia Every business and individual should have access to a local tax advisor. Not only are annual tax returns required by law, a qualified tax advisor can potentially save you thousands of dollars in deductions and rebates. An added benefit is that a tax advisor can keep […]

Tax CPA Explains 1099 Changes for 2020 | Perry And Associates CPAs

  Tax CPA Explains 1099 Changes for 2020. Don’t Miss Them. Preparing your W-2s and/or 1099s, like most things about the year 2020, will be slightly different. Below, we’ve outlined a brief overview of the changes; but as always, feel free to contact a tax CPA here at Perry & Associates if you have further […]

Tax Accountant in Cambridge, Ohio | Perry & Associates, CPAs

Find the Right Tax Accountant in Cambridge, Ohio Perry CPAs is proud to serve businesses large and small throughout the Ohio River Valley. In this article, we want to highlight opportunities for businesses to partner with a professional tax accountant in Cambridge, OH. We understand that each city is unique with its own industries, challenges, […]