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Find Accounting Firms Near Me – Perry & Associates

Help! I Need to Find Reliable Accounting Firms Near Me! Whether you’re in need of complicated financial services, or just reliable accounting advice, finding a firm you can work with and trust is a must. Professional accounting firms can help give you peace of mind for your small business or even for your personal accounting. […]

Nonprofit Tax Returns for the Tax Exempt – Perry & Associates

Nonprofit Tax Returns? But I’m Tax Exempt! Meet Mary. Mary does a lot of good for the community. In fact, Mary started a nonprofit organization recently helping single moms build marketable career skills, navigate parenthood and balance the demands of work and family life. Mary dutifully filed for her nonprofit tax-exempt (501(c)(3)) status two years […]

Tax Services And Planning – Perry & Associates

Should I Hire a Professional for Tax Services? Leaves are turning; your favorite football team is on; Halloween decor is out; fall is finally making itself known. Which means tax services are probably the farthest thing from your mind. But this is exactly the time to start planning.  Why should you think about taxes now? […]

Virtual Currency Taxation – Perry & Associates, CPAS

How is Virtual Currency Taxed?   For some years, a good bit of ambiguity has surrounded the world of virtual currency. Bitcoin, the most common type of this currency, was used by many in the beginning stages to avoid tax obligations. And even rule-abiding citizens have long wondered if the virtual currency is considered reportable. […]

Signs You Need a Forensic Audit – Perry & Associates, CPAS

How to Know if You Need a Forensic Audit   No company wants to believe they could be the victim of financial fraud, especially from an inside source. But it happens all too often.  Ignoring the possibility won’t make it go away. However, preparing for prevention and detection of fraud will move you much closer […]

Find Accountants Near Me | Perry and Associates

Help! I’m Looking for Good “Accountants Near Me”   “Alexa, what are some good accountants near me?” Maybe not the most exciting question you’ve ever asked your virtual assistant, but certainly an important one. However, once you have your list of possibilities, the work really begins.  How do you know which accountant to choose? Without […]

S Corp Vs LLC | Perry and Associates

The S Corp VS LLC. Which one should you choose?  Choosing a business entity can bring much confusion for the new entrepreneur. However, it’s important to understand your options so you know best how to protect yourself and your business.  First, understand that a business entity is a way the business is organized. This doesn’t […]

Small Business Bookkeeping: Ways to Make it Work

Let’s face it. Small business bookkeeping is the last thing on your mind at the beginning of a busy week, let alone the end of a full one. It often gets pushed to the following week, with self-promises that, “Next week I will make sure I do it!” We understand how tiring running a small […]

Our College Savings Calculator Sets the Stage

How Much Should I Save: College Savings Calculator With summer break just around the corner, you may be all too ready to set aside anything related to school planning and focus on other pressing responsibilities. However, there are some school planning issues that benefit from immediate, rather than future, attention. Namely, college savings. We tend […]