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5 Ways a Wheeling, WV Tax Accountant Will Help Your Small Business Flourish

A recent study performed by Intuit shows that 89% of small businesses report that they saw more success once they hired an accountant or financial advisor. But why is this? You know your business best, why can’t you just go it alone? Read on for 5 surprising ways that a tax accountant Wheeling, WV businesses lean on can help set you up for more success. 

Businesses in Wheeling, WV Succeed with Professional Tax Service Help 

First, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the distinct difference between an accountant and a CPA. A CPA makes all the difference. Not all Wheeling, WV tax accountants you might hire are Certified Public Accountants. CPAs have passed a rigorous, multi-day, state-specific examination on financial and tax expertise. A CPA will know how to best help your business comply with the exact laws and code of your state, where a general accountant may not be able to do so. Also, a CPA will be able to fully represent your business before the IRS in an audit, where an enrolled agent, who is not a CPA, will be very limited in how they can represent you.
So, how does a CPA help businesses profit more?

  • Assist with Tax Advice and Planning

A good CPA will know State and Federal Tax Codes inside and out. This means that they will often have far more knowledge of different tax cuts and credits that could save your business thousands of dollars. They can also provide monthly accounting services by managing all the required documentation and record keeping that you will need come tax season. Think of how nice it would be to eliminate the night-before-the-deadline-scramble that inevitably happens every tax season despite best intentions.

  • Representation During Audit

As mentioned before, one of the greatest benefits of using a professional CPA for your tax preparation is that they will be able to represent you fully in an IRS audit. Equally as important, CPAs will also be able to audit you themselves as they work with you to catch any red flags or possible mistakes before the IRS does. 

  • Protecting Your Finances 

In recent years, small and large businesses alike have begun to recognize the benefit of forensic accounting. Unfortunately, even small businesses can be the victims of embezzlement, fraud, and other financial crimes that a CPA can help catch and resolve. CPAs certified to perform forensic accounting can also help you establish effective preventative measures for guarding against internal financial fraud.

  • Managing and Consulting Aid

Not all entrepreneurs are good with numbers. Likewise, not all CEOs have natural accounting skills. Good leadership doesn’t mean you must have proficiency in business financials. And many that have cursory knowledge may not know the depth of what other avenues are available for their business bookkeeping and financial health.  Do you understand accounting methods and terms such as LIFO and FIFO? Do you know the pros and cons of various bookkeeping methods like single entry versus double entry? What about financial statements? Do you know how to properly prepare and interpret Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Statements of Cash Flow etc.?
Even if you do understand these things well and know how to manage them, most likely you don’t have the time. A CPA can act as your CFO assisting with budgeting, risk management, financial statements and more, leaving you free to focus on your operations, goals and growth.

  • Bookkeeping and Payroll Administration

A CPA can also help you with day-to-day financial tasks such as payroll, payroll taxes and general bookkeeping. A professional tax accountant in Wheeling, WV can assist invoicing, accounts payable and receivable, vendors, timely rent and more. These time saving and stress saving duties could be worth the fee all on their own!

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