Our College Savings Calculator Sets the Stage

How Much Should I Save: College Savings Calculator

With summer break just around the corner, you may be all too ready to set aside anything related to school planning and focus on other pressing responsibilities. However, there are some school planning issues that benefit from immediate, rather than future, attention. Namely, college savings.
We tend to hear considerable groans and sighs when we bring up the topic of saving for college, and we certainly understand why. With so many other immediate financial needs, plus saving for your own future, it’s difficult to prioritize saving for your child’s college education.
However, the sooner you begin saving the easier it will be! Often, simply calculating the end amount and necessary monthly savings required forms enough of a foundation to spur parents on to begin this important step towards realizing their child’s future education expenses.

College Savings Calculator

We’ve provided a college savings calculator that will enable you to do just that. This financial tool provides a solid basis for calculating your college savings in addition to allowing you to immediately determine a variety of financial figures.
The college savings calculator automatically registers the projected inflation rate of 4.8% (The College Board, 2017) along with a variety of other factors. You’ll be able to adjust your monthly contribution amount, rate of return on your investments, the expected college tuition, and more. Once you have a clear understanding of how much to save for college, our tax experts will be happy to help make your plan a reality.
There are a variety of college savings plans available from the traditional 529 college savings plans to custodial accounts to Roth IRAs.  All of these options may seem overwhelming, but you can trust the knowledgeable staff of Perry & Associates to help you determine the best option for you and your family.
Our trained associates never recommend a one-size-fits-all solution for college savings plans. So much depends on your current financial situation, financial assets, modes of income and current tax bracket. We partner with you to find unique solutions that will help you save for college and save on taxes.
Looking at your entire financial picture, we walk through the best options and layout an exact, easy-to-follow plan for your child’s college savings. Perry & Associates has offices located in Marietta, Cambridge and St. Clairsville, OH as well as Vienna and Wheeling, WV, giving you local, personalized service where and when you need it.
Get started today with our college savings calculator. And then give us a call and find a qualified partner to help you plan your success!